Elementos Learning

Design Philosophy

Inspired by emerging trends, Elementos subscribes to a design style marked by simplicity, consicion and, above all – ease-of-use.

This allows our students to begin using our products immediately, grasp complex concepts and retain an avid interest.

All About Elementos

Elementos Learning produces retail multimedia products for students interested in learning a second language for the purposes of travel.

Currently, it is recognized that there is either a shortage of quality and/or complete solutions, either because they don’t exist or are not easily accessible by the general public. Elementos aims to fill this void by combining the experience of its core team.

The "virtual phrase book" allows for audio access to every phrase, avoiding phonetic transcription which tends to be too colloquial, incorrect, literal or archaic. We use words and phrases acceptable in all Spanish-speaking countries. Idiomatic expressions are kept colloquial but nonetheless standard to all Spanish speakers.