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Interactive Airport Scene Common Shopping Items Phrases for a Restaurant Fitness Video

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Travel Spanish, the flagship product of Elementos, Inc. is a rich DVD with a set of essential tools for travelers, wanting to learn the local language and customs.

Elementos Travel Spanish immerses you in the Spanish language. The Learn Spanish DVD breaks down common experiences into theme-based scenarios. It is arranged by topic in clear, color-coded sections, and offers phrases for every eventuality. An attractive format allows you to build your own sentences and develop your language skills. It also features a comprehensive menu-reader and an audio guide that you can down load into your MP3 player.

The following chatpers allow for instruction at home, the hotel, plane or even in your MP3 player for when you're on-the-go.

Chapter 3 :: Dining Out
Chapter 1 :: Transportation Chapter 5 :: Shopping
Chapter 2 :: Accommodation Chapter 6 :: Socializing
Chapter 7 :: Services
Chapter 4 :: Entertainment Chapter 8 :: Emergencies